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roleypoleyeollie whispered : I love your EXO scenarios. :D You write so well. And the balloon in the chest metaphor is absolutely perfect. It's how I often feel when looking at them. Keep up the wonderful work! ^_^

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I swear writing these fanfics forces me to put my feelings for them in actual coherent sentences. It’d be all keyboard smashing and incoherent raging in my tags otherwise LOL. Thank you, love~ ❤ 

Note: I’m so sorry guys, I know I’ve been horrid at updating. T_T Every time I sat myself down I just couldn’t seem to get any concrete writing done! The ideas were all there, but the words just wouldn’t string themselves together…ugh, curse writer’s block.

I adore Chanyeol. I imagine he’d be the kind of person you’d go to when you’re feeling like total crap and he’d cheer you up in an instant. He’d just be the cutest boyfriend, wouldn’t he?

Please do enjoy! And thank you so much to all my followers, old and new alike. Your patronage (ahahaha, for lack of a better word) really does mean a lot to me~ 

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Genre: Fluff 

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"Is the blindfold really necessary?"

Even with your temporary visual handicap you could tell Chanyeol was beaming, smiling his signature “happy virus” smile. He stood behind you, his hands on your shoulders as he guided you down the lively streets of Seoul. You could feel the warm sun on your face, hear the busy humming of people around you as you took small, hesitant steps in the direction you were being pushed.

"Jagiya, do you not trust me?" he questioned playfully, his tone thick with amusement.

Short one of your senses, Chanyeol’s voice in your ear sounded rich, an octave lower than it usually was. You felt your face flush as a shiver ran down your spine.

"Actually, I think I trust you far more than I should," you mumbled, releasing a big huff of air.

You stumbled backwards in surprise as you felt a pair of lips press against your cheek, followed by a deep laugh and amused clapping.

"Chanyeol, what are you—"

"You love me, jagiya, you love me~," he singsonged into your ear, enveloping your hand in his much larger one. As if by second-nature, he effortlessly interlaced his fingers with yours before gently tugging you forward. “And you’ll love this place!”

Curious ?
匿名 whispered : Updateeeee :DDD I really love your scenarios :3 You're really good :)

Give me another hour or so, and this Chanyeol fluff will finally be up! :)
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